6609 ton steel ship, 416ft-long. 175hp triple-expansion engine. Cargo: Ballast. Position:56 33.769N, 6 37.885W. Depth: 20m.


On 17 January 1951 the Tapti struck rocks on the east shore of Soa Island off the southern end of Coll. Swell after swell from the south drove her further on, until finally the waves spun her round, driving her stern higher on the rocks. The Tapti stayed on the rocks all night. By dawn the rescue ships around her consisted of both Mallaig and Barra lifeboats, two frigates and two trawlers, but there was little that they could do. She settled deeper and listed more and more.


Finding the Tapti is easy enough. The GPS numbers identify the rock called Eilean Iomallanch off Soa Island, and if they are not right on top of the wreck a little searching in and out with an echo-sounder will soon show the wreckage at the bottom of the slope, about 50m out from the rocks. The boilers give a nice distinctive wreckage echo. The Tapti can be dived at any state of the tide. Launch: Lochaline is ideal for launching, but take care not to obstruct the ferry. There are alternative slips in Oban and on Mull.


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