Monthly Archives: February 2016

8th-11th April 2016

4 spaces available on Oban trip 8th-11th April. Boarding night of 7th. £360 all inclusive- food, diving and on board accommodation.
Kick your diving season off in style! Hassle free and friendly service. Enjoy a few days away diving and meet the new member of our team.
Email me at or phone 01967 421714, leave a message and we’ll get back to you.


May 14/15th 2016 AVAILABLE

We have a weekend available for 8-12 divers 14/15th May 2016. £95 per person per day. 2 dives and 3 freshly prepared meals a day. Free air fills. On board accommodation. Diving made simple!!

Broadband issues

We- the whole of Lochaline, not just the Gaelic Rose!- are having real problems with BT broadband. The problem has been ongoing since Christmas but is getting worse if anything. Apparently there is a capacity issue which generally speaking means it is very hard to download/upload anything and sometimes even sending and receiving emails is a bit dodgy!! As you can imagine, especially living where we do, internet access is now pretty much vital to most peoples functionality- especially if trying to run a business. Many people are up in arms (including us) trying to get BT to address the problem, until something is sorted please bare with us. Do still send emails but if you have not received a reply in the usual 7-10 days please give us a ring 01967 421714, 07909 923771 or 07778965618.
Thanks for your patience.