6941-ton single-funnel Dutch steamer, built in Holland,1921. 418ft x 58ft. Armed: 4.7in on stern. Cargo: 3000 tons cement, 175 tons tobacco and cigarettes, three Hawker biplanes, 30 De Havilland Tiger Moths, spare parts for the aircraft, Army lorries and spares, NAAFI crockery, copper ingots, rubber-soled sandals, 10 horses and nine dogs, London for Bombay. Position: 56 28.55N; 05 25.00W. Depth: 30m.


23 December, 1940, by near-misses from German Heinkel 111 bomber. Bombs broke piping in engine room and ship flooded. Taken in tow and beached in Ardmucknish Bay. Little salvage before Breda slipped into deep water.


Upright, even keel. Gun removed. Bronze propeller and copper salvaged. Explosives used in raising condensers. Sinking into soft seabed. Bow in 24m. Five holds silted, but some cargo can be seen – aircraft in No 1; sandals in No 2; aircraft engines in No 3; cigarette tins in No 4; solid bags of cement in No 5. Launch: Oban; Ledaig.


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