Nevada II

5,693 ton steel steamship carrying a cargo of army vehicles, foodstuff and supplies for the troops in West Africa, being part of a World War 2 convoy,

and prior to eventually sinking her luxury goods were salvaged especially by the locals who must have thought all their Christmas’s had come at once. Position: LAT 56° 41′ 26″ LONG 06° 29′ 38″.

Depth: 16m.


19th July 1942 when it was caught in fog and wedged solid on the rocks just east of Rubha Mor headland at the north west side of Coll. Whilst on the rocks the crew scrambled ashore and prior to being further damaged by the weather and sinking down the side of the cliff.


Whilst the superstructure is very broken up the wreckage tumbles down the cliff, her boilers and hull are fairly intact with scattered cargo still to be seen. Launch: Oban; Lochaline; Tobermory.


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