2363-ton British standard ship, built as War Wonder in Florida, 1918, taken over by US Government and renamed Lithopolis (1918), renamed Laurie (1930), then Rondo (1934). 264ft x 42ft. 1200hp triple-expansion engines. Cargo: In ballast, Glasgow for Oslo. Position: 56 32.27N; 05 54.67W. Depth: 9m-53m.


25 January, 1935, after drifting in Sound of Mull during a blizzard and striking islet of Dearg Sgeir. Attempts to pull her off all failed. Salvage crews started to strip her. Several weeks later slipped off reef bow first.


Standing almost upright on bow, Rondo lies vertically down cliff-like side of reef. Stern at 9m encrusted with plumose anemones. Mainmast base at 25m. Mast lies down centre of wreck. Bow section at 38m. Forward holds silted up. Beware nitrogen narcosis in steep descent down wreck. Launch: Oban; Lochaline; Tobermory.


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